We make it and you bake it or we will bake it for you for a $1

All of our pizzas are New York thin crust

Made on our herbal seasoned dough
10in.     16in.  
$10.      $16.    
Meat & Veggi top 1.00      2.00
Meat and Veggie Toppings

Pepperoni, breakfast bacon, garlic, tomato, portobello mushrooms, bell pepper, fresh spinach, jalapeño, red onions, white onions, pineapples, black olives, green olives

Gourmet Toppings - 1.50  3.00

Artichokes, fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, Italian meat balls, supersatta salami, capicolla, Ricotta Cheese pastrami, prosciutto, oven roasted chicken, peach wood smoked ham, Italian sausage, gyro meat (lamb and beef), Canadian bacon, aged parmigiana, gorgonzola, feta cheese

Specialty Pizza                  16in   
Larrys Italian Supreme:       30

Sweet and hot supersatta, prosciutto. fresh basil, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes                                              

Don Veto                              25      

Pepperoni, salami, cappicola, mortadella

Godfather                           25                                 

Sausage, pepper, onion, aged parmigiana

White pie                           22        

Mozzarella, Ricotta Cheese, fresh basil (no sauce).      

Venissia                          24        

Caponata bell peppers, sliced cucumbers, fresh basil

Mushroom pie                    22          

Available fresh mushrooms, we never use canned mushrooms, you will taste the difference

Pizza by the slice.       $2.50

(cheese and one topping)

Extra topping $0.75

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