Fresh Salads

Fresh Salads

All of our salads comes with sprinkles of aged parmigiana and toasted bread on the side

Greek -  $8.99 
Mixed vegetables, kalamata olives, tossed with lemon juice and olive oil topped with feta cheese and Oregano

Gyro meat for $3  falafel for $2 

Caprese Salad - $8.99 
Fresh mozzarella tomatoes and fresh basil topped with olive oil

Cobb salad - $8.99  
Chopped up turkey, tomato, eggs, blue cheese, bacon, black olives doctorates with avocado wedges

Antipasto salad - $8.99
Rolled up (salami provolone, mortadella) on bed of lettuce, Pepperoncini olives. red onion. tomatoes with vinaigrette

Chef salad -  $8.99
Rolled up (Turkey, Swiss, Ham) Quartered egg on bed of lettuce.tomato with ranch

Chicken mandarin  - $8.99
Rolled up chicken. cucumber, mandarin orange, granola and vinaigrette dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad - $ 8.99
Over roasted chicken, Lettuce cucumber parmasano, Garlic bread Caesar dressing

Tuna  salad - $8.99
Inside a wedged carved up tomato on bed of green  ranch  

Green salad with ranch $6.99 
add chicken, turkey, or falafel $2

Extras dressing $1 extra bread $1 

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